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Here, the meaning of sacrifice is Alms-giving. It is a kind of good thoughts and cause of good deeds. People usually say that Great virtue can carry all things or if the moral is unworthy of its own place, there will be calamity disaster. That is to say, if a person wants to be happy or an organization wants to be successful, he has to accumulate virtue. We all know that we should do good deeds whenever possible, but what is good and bad?
Lao Tzu said: "The highest good is like that of water. The goodness of water is that it benefits the ten thousand creatures; yet it does not scramble, but is content with the places that all men disdain. It is this that makes water so near to the Way." This is the classic interpretation of good deeds; another explanation is: "I" means someone grasp dagger-axe in his hand, (dagger-axe is one kind of weapon in ancient China), and so, the person who is holding dagger-axe is not doing good deeds. The real goodness only refers to those people who are always selfless!
What is the real sacrifice? Quoted by the moral of Lao Tzu said is to learn to water, water is flowing to the lower places, so water is always in the lowest, always benefits all things without struggle. After helping others to get achievements, water is not seeking nothing back. It produces them and does not claim them as its own; it does all, and yet does not boast of it; it presides over all, and yet does not control them. This is what is called "The mysterious Quality" (of the Dao). It seems that we lost something, but inadvertently we get a more valuable "virtue", at this point, I could not help thinking of the three Kingdoms era of Liu Bei and Cao Cao. Liu Bei's style name is "Xuan De (De means virtue)" and Cao Cao's style name is "Meng De". Both of them had been able to success cannot be divided with the De (Virtue). In modernistic management usually emphasizes "customer experience", which is actually a kind of altruism practice. The purposes of you do everything is that meets other's satisfaction and happiness, and this is the significance and value of our service. Only in this way, we can take an invincible position under fierce competition. It is the same appropriate interpretation of marketing "help customers to buy". If we can do that with continuous innovative based on market-oriented, success is a natural thing, and we surely can exist eternally in this market.
In the chapter 21 of "The Vajracchedika-prajna-paramita Sutra " mentions " Alms-giving ", most of which are said how Shannan Zi (good man)& Shannv Zi(good woman) to donate, different donation will obtain different bliss, what does it mean? Only the person with the spirit of a good-faith to pay can get the real bliss, obtaining ill-gotten wealth with no pay is often unexpected calamity. For example, a girl named Kelly • Rogers in Britain won the jackpot, but several years later, she become a cleaner and her life is getting much worse than that she won the jackpot. This also proves that "if a moral is unworthy of its place, there will be calamity disaster." Just as one of old sayings mentions" No pains, no gains." Standing in the company Angle, leaders should give employees all skills of professional practice, ideas, and do their best to provide material rewards, this so-called "Respect and Love," As employees, what should they donate? they should donate their wisdom, time, passion, love and sincerity; this is so-called " Respect post and love job" " The Vajracchedika-prajna-paramita Sutra " mentioned it more than once: Doing good deeds without seeking anything in return .Actually it is almost the same principle as "Tao Te Ching": That is one kind of altruism, Anatman, which benefits all things without struggle, how to do this?
A company should achieve its own value by accomplishing its employees' values, for it is composed by every single employee. And we can always see that a successful company will never be lack of successful employees, otherwise the company will never exist very long. Our company will create more space bigger enough for each employee to realize their own dreams and values. Each post will be competed by all company members and every platform will be a subsidiary. Only in this way can each employee realize their achievements and our company become bigger and stronger. It will certainly request more from our staff. Leaders should be more hardworking and less complaining, with enough patience to teach less experienced employees what they don't know, set work goals and regulations for them, correct their wrong ideas and actions and do what they can't and won't do. The purpose of leaders is to help employees get what they need and thus be recognized by them. Therefore, leaders need to ceaselessly pursue perfection and innovation. While as employees should also do their best to enrich themselves, devoting all their passion rather than boring repetition to their work. Employees should also make innovations and optimize their own personality. In a word. We are a very young team. We are not experienced and we don't have mature thought. While just because of our weakness, we are passionate, aggressive and energetic. We are young so we can be anyone we wish and do anything we want to do. If we all wholeheartedly insist on what we are doing right now, we can definitely find our own way and realize our values.
Let's take some examples to illustrate it.
When Jack Ma talks about his marketing skills, he insists that if there is five dollars in his client's pocket, instead of persuading the client to give him the five dollars, he will try to change the 5 dollars to 50 dollars. Then the client will naturally accept his value. He did get success from this value. Therefore, all of our works should be done under the standard of market and client rather than following our own standards. Only when our service is recognized by the market, client and society, our existence will be meaningful and necessary. How important it is to operate a company with the aim to "benefit others" and forget our own benefit! If you can realize this, no one can defeat you in the fiercely competitive market. That is to say, no one can truly defeat you except for your own heart, the selfish, self-serving and self-content heart full of greed, resent, ignorance, arrogance and suspect. The Chinese richest man, Li Ka-shing, has a principle of 2 pennies. Somebody asked his son Richard about the secret of wealth. Richard said his father never taught him how to make money, only some acted principle, especially about the principle of 2 pennies. The approach is the Lees can earn 10 pennies, only take 8 pennies, get 8 pennies, only takes 6 pennies. Though all of people have business relationship with the Lees think they get some cheap, the Lees have gain more business relationship and chances with them.
On the surface we suffered, but in fact we have more precious, just as we usually say sometimes the best gain is to lose. All these show that you get achievements while you divide your interest to others as much as possible. That means suffering losses is your blessing, more tolerance, more blessing.