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Many people have mentioned "Honest" in their value summary, also emphasize its important. However, I want to add the word "genuine" before it. What is genuine? Jack Ma once evaluated himself, said he is already silly and naïve! What's more, Masayoshi Son said that he has enthusiasm, passion and visionary. He said you must be clinging and naïveté if you want to gain your success. Well, I think both of them expound the meaning of "genuine". There are three major pitfalls of life: greed, careless, credulous. Somebody once ask me whether he can do this business? I just let him ask his own heart, and told him that his veritable feel will give him the correct answer. He suddenly realizes that the answer has already been in his own mind. The so-called real wisdom is not from what you eaten or what you learned in the Success story. It is from their own sincere heart, pure heart, born of the word "in". Since you don't cheat people, people don't cheat yourself. If we can really do it sincerely, our IQ, EQ, CQ these success factors will have greatly improved.
Here it is necessary to emphasize IQ, not only to indicate the narrow sense clever, more is set by the "in" born great wisdom. The old saying" Cleverness may overreach itself" just expatiates its meaning. Considering EQ, The most precise explanation is that think others firstly before you doing it. Don't hurry to blame him when he is wrong. You'd better help him with a sincere heart. In this way, you will naturally control your emotions and improve your EQ. In regard of CQ, if you are sincerity, not afraid a disadvantage, surely, you will not massive losses. Since all don't dispute the gain and loss, your CQ certainly improves. Now, all of them are improved, how could the result be bad? To be sincere completely, it is necessary to lay down yourself and not be too caring about gains and losses.